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Heroes for Children

Currently, an estimated 12,400 children, ages 0-20 years, are diagnosed with a form of cancer in the United States. With diagnosis comes the challenge to provide financially for the family. In order to provide constant care for their child, parents frequently lose or quit their jobs. The assistance Heroes for Children provides directly to families helps relieve some of the strain and stress during this difficult time in their lives. Whether it is to pay a medical bill, buy gas for the frequent trips to the hospital, or keep a family from having their electricity turned off, Heroes for Children is committed to helping families. There is no other organization that provides such versatility when it comes to financially assisting families. A social worker at a Texas children's hospital said, "The impact of the aid and the hope that you have instilled in these families cannot be measured." With your help, Heroes for Children can continue to assist these families and make a difference in our community.
A social worker at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, wrote, "When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it seems that the family, even a financially stable family, has financially hard times. Having the added stresses associated with with financial burdens, is more than families should have to bear. It is so nice to have an organization that is available to help in these types of situations. No strings attached!" As one parent explained, "It is hard to ask for help, but when you receive it, there is such a burden lifted off your shoulders. You are then allowed to focus on more important things." Heroes for Children enables a family to focus on the most important part of treatment--the child.


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